Building a Cat Eye using 4.11

I’m Modifying the UE 4.11 Eye from the content examples to fit to a cat. Cat’s have a different eyeball shape than humans. For example, their iris takes up more of a percentage of their eye, and their eyes are mode oblong. probably why they look around with their head more than their eyes. It’s not as easy to rotate an oblong eye as it is to rotate our more spherical eyes.

In any case, I tried modifying the iris to make it bigger and when I re-imported it into UE 4.11 and applied the eye material, the result was a bloodshot eyeball. So I need suggestions for how to go about making a cat eye material.

Before you say this answer: “Just size up the original eyeball,” realize that the eye would no longer fit in the cat’s head and the iris bulge would stick out way too far.

Thanks in advance!

TLDR: I’m trying to make a cat eyeball, but the eye mesh doesn’t work…Help?

Check the UVs I’m guessing it may be possible that they got broken…

I hope you get some help with this, I’d like to make a non-circular pupil but not much luck so far…

Now the eye won’t even import correctly if I don’t change the shape. Which is strange because It worked before. :frowning:

How can I “Check the UVs” if I don’t know what they looked like in the first place… How do I make sure the UVs don’t break?