Building a Better Pipeline and sound quality

I am struggling to get through this, the speaking quality is full of saliva mouth noises. I really wish I didn’t have to make this complaint but it is problematic, this is a very long segment and I have to take periodic breaks as I am struggling to focus on the content. I really wish I wasn’t sounding dramatic but these videos are long and there is a lot of information I need to process. I don’t know if you can clean up the sound by applying filters or if you might need to rerecord, I would like to be able to use a highly rated video.

I tried looking for closed captioning since I figured that would help but did not notice the ability to turn that on. If there is a way to turn it on I would like to know.

Here is a link to the course in question


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Thanks for letting us know. I’ll look at this asap. Sound quality is very important.


Hi @555IC, I checked all of the modules within the course and the closed captions are present. After you click play, the CC button will appear in the bottom right. Please see the attached screenshot. As Chris mentioned, we will look into the audio issues asap. Thanks for learning with us!


Hi, I worked through this course, too, but I did not have any problems. Just wanted to leave this as feedback.


@NEVQ151 we appreciate your feedback!