Build times very long!

Is there any way to speed up the build times? I’m just trying out the rolling demo, with modified materials to have 3 64x64 textures which aren’t even > 150kb total, and I’ve removed many components (sky, reflections, the walls) and the build took 8 minutes!! (I used a stopwatch). This makes it very hard to test small changes, e.g. GUI or performance testing.

I try and do a lot of testing just using the Mobile Preview option.
There’s also an option to disable full rebuilds though in packaging options or somewhere, might speed things up if you want to deploy.

At bare minimum I get 6 minutes using the Project Launcher, with rebuild disabled and “cook only modified content” checked. For comparison, with the same settings building for iOS takes under 60 seconds.

Hi Pedro, are you on 4.5? Can you post the packaging log, and also start an AnswerHub thread about this? Thanks!

And where is that cheked option? i’m looking for that. Thanks in advance