Build Reflection Captures breaks Sphere Reflection Capture

Hey guys,

First, It’s an Absolute joy to start working with UE5.
It’s just mesmerizing… Congrats to all of you !

I’m focusing on automotive projects and product viz. So I have to use Raster Reflections for glass, in combination with Sphere Capture Reflections.

When I do a Build Reflection Captures, all the reflections coming from my Sphere Reflection Capture are killed. Until I manually ‘refresh’ it by setting it from ‘Captured Scene’ to ‘Specific Cubemap’ and back.

This is true for all the materials translucent or not. I’ve tried setting all my reflections to SS. Invariably, Build Reflection Captures kills the Sphere Capture Reflections.

The problem with my hack, is that when ‘Play’ my app, obviously the reflection are not built, and are reflecting a naked sky sphere with full power on the glass.

Any Ideas? Is this a known bug?


having the same issue. did you figured it out?

Unfortunately not.

To be fair, translucency for Lumen is flagged as “not supported”, at the moment.
I assume this is actively being worked on.