Build problems

Hi Guys,

Couple of issues I would like you to look at.

  1. Build versions
    When you switch to another flavour of build, debug , development, etc you build the new exe’s in their own path, then run a copy command to replace the engine binaries. This causes problems with version control.
    Instead of doing a copy, it would be easy and much better to just build the new exe’s in their final path so version control knows which files are modified and can check them out for you. At the moment you have to check them out manually and do a “revert unchanged” afterwards.

  2. ResavePackages
    What version of the engine does this use?

    Moving from an earlier version of UE4 to UE5 we need to rebuild all the assets and I want to use the resavepackages commandlet to do this. Whenever I try I am told that the game was not built with this version of the engine, it was, then told it doesn’t compile, which it does.

So I need to know what to prebuild so it does actually execute the commandlet