Build Paths on 50 Levels

I have 50 levels but I can’t figure out how I build the paths on all the levels. I can’t load all 50 levels due to memory issues.

So if I load 10 levels and build paths then save and then unload those levels and load another 10 levels and repeat the build and save when I go back and load the first 10 levels the build of the second 10 seems to wipe out the build from the first 10 levels.

I can see this by pressing P and the paths no longer show. Also if I go into the game the AI just stop as the paths are no longer built.

So how do I build the paths for all my levels, I can’t figure out how I am supposed to do this.


I found the issue, the editor was doing an automatic rebuild of paths which would wipe out any of the previous path builds. After I turned them off its ok