Build lightning on static meshes


I created some custom meshes, absolutely primitive from BSP boxes and applied material to them…

When i build lightning, then i got these bad results:
(+ everytime it shut down shadows on all meshes what i placed, but meshes on 3rd person template not…)

If i move with that mesh then it appears to be good…

Could someone help me please how to build that properly or what to do with meshes?

Well i solved that crazy black textures on that walls, but still when i build lightning, then that static meshes dont “throw” shadows…

There is a option for objects not to cast shadows, Maybe it has been turned off.

Are you using default lightmass settings?


I tried everything to set :slight_smile: but mostly helped when i made thicker walls and i did something with light… switched between static or movable and statics too and somehow i got shadows again… I can say i solved it but the worst is i dont know how…


Have you tried duplicating existing meshes in the level?
Have you tried creating a new level?
Have you tried custom meshes?

Yes i tried to duplicate that meshes multiple times, all that meshes were custom meshes turned into static meshes…
If i duplicated basic mesh from ThirdPersonExample map, shadow worked properly… Strange is, i literally copied all settings from that mesh and used it at my mesh and that basic map mesh casted shadow but my mesh not… This engine is level 100 wizard…
I only not tried to create new level

The third person template map has static meshes and GROUPED static meshes.
You should not be messing around with static mesh settings unless there is a valid need to (lightmass resolution to low/high, Etc)
Try placing the bevald cube that comes with the starter content into the map and building the lighing WITHOUT changing any settings.