Build lighting stuck at 0%

Make a new Level. Put just a couple things in it. Build Light. Does it Work? If so than you probably just have to many Objects in your Level and it takes forever. Light Build usually takes long.

If it does not Work sheck the Logs. Start Swarm manually and see whats going on there if you build light. Not enough Information to help you with a clear Answer.

Hellp everyone

(First, I am a beginner in Unreal Engine 4)
I have a problem with building light in my map. After I hit building light only all the normal things happen like look for the map geometries. But once it´s coming to the point of actually building the light it´s stuck at 0%.

Until now I tried to restart the engine, checked for some issues one of the light sourced could have caused and if my options are configurated correctly but nothing seems to work. I also tried just leaving it like it is and wait but that didn´t worked either.

Has anyone an idea what causes this problem? I´m really desperate at this point. Or does it just take to long because a high number of objects that needs to be rebuild?

Thanks for everyone who took the time to read my question.

Thank you so much for your answer!

Once I made a new level the light building worked like it normally would. ^^
Now that I answer the light building reached 1%. it really took 2 hours to make a progress of 1%. Although that´s really slow I am glad that it works now.

I really appreciate your answer! Thank you