Build lighting problem

Dear community,

I am new to this software.

I am using the newest version of unreal engine (december 2016)

Everytime I clic build lighting my Pc completely freezes.

PC is ok, Intel Core i7-3770 3.4Ghz, 8gig RAM with graphic card, it runs Keyshot smoothly.

My unreal project is small, its a little appartment I downloaded from the marketplace (Xoio Berlin flat)

I just add a couple of 3D objects, then need to recalculate the lighting but I am not able to, it stops my pc.

I googled a lot, tryed a couple of suggestions like using dynamic lighting, lowering quality.

This project I downloaded already has light mass importance volume actor, which I read it helps.

Everytime it starts calculating, it shows 0% then freezes

Can anyone please give me any advice?

Many thanks

thank you

Building lighting takes a lot of resources, it’s just like rendering in your 3D program

You might need to tweak the lighting settings in your scene.


I don’t think that the PC is a problem.

Could there be a problem with the startup of lightmass?

The question is: Is lightmass starting? And if not could there be a firewall (or something like that) problem because it need network access to load data from UE (as far as I know). And if it blocks because of communication problems this could be a problem.

Lighmass: This is the “rendering” software of UE which calculates the lightmaps with, I think, raytracing. UE exports all scene data to lightmass and then it is getting processed.