Build error: "Unreal Engine Stopped Working"

Hello everyone,

I have a big size architecture interior ue4 project, that is one-floor hospital project from Revit. I set pretty high light map resolution for a lot of wall, ceiling and floor objects (1280 - 2048), for avoid the dirty wall, ceiling and floor. (Please check here: [After the build, some model dirty problem. - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums][1])

After build it, the project can successful show “lighting build completed”, but I can’t “Encoding texture”. Please check out the picture (but it’s Chinese, it said “Unreal Engine Stopped Working”).

Also, I set 121 spotlights for every recessed light, and 31 point lights. When I remove every spotlight and point light, it will be successful build, but it is really dark. But when I put it back, always spend a lot of time and failed (Unreal Engine Stopped Working). What’s wrong?

This is really emergency situation, anyone can help me or give me some suggestion? If you need any log or information please tell me, thank you so much!


I am thinking about… Is the problem about “Light Map Resolution” too high? Or too many “Spotlight”?

Also, sometimes I got crash report… -_-
link text

Well, What type of Graphics card do you have? Amd or Nvidia? If so what generation too?

Mac Pro: 3.5GHz 6-core CPU/Dual AMD FirePro D700 GPU with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM Each/512GB SSD/64GB Memory

Odd, you should be able to run at least the lowest settings… Odd indeed.