Build a TEAM for SWORDS ARENA Multiplayer Project

Testing WAN Network connexion in progresss, it look to work but we didn’t make the BluePrint for that yet.

For pepole who dont see it, here again our 1st Draft Demo of the game !
Skins and animations are not definitive, just testing ^^

Looking good sayato. Is there going to be any dismemberment? Nice discussion over here about such effects.

Although my game is First-Person, I’m implementing Melee Weapon Combat suitable for 3rd person. I plan to offer multiple ways to control melee weapons due to difficulty with getting melee combat to feel proper in first-person. I’ve elected to use motion capture, object and camera tracking to pre-record animations. Building a portable mocap studio with kinects for windows, leap motion, ipisoft, blender3d, VR headset (tbd) and green screen. I’m certain procedural animation will be required at some point, so I’m considering the Ikinema plug-in, but, may have to blueprint my own.

Hey ! Thank you for these precious informations TechLord ! This is much appreciate :slight_smile:

Dismemberment, yeah we will probably use it for fatalities ! Possible in combat or with NPC too, we will see that later near the end with cosmetics.
I wanted to use motion capture as well but some moves are a bit too tricky for that, like back flip ^^

We are curently working on APEX, this is not an easy task…

Clothes Movement test in progress…

Hi sayato, Clothes looking good. I have to scroll fast past the unlcoth screenshots above (not proper for workplace viewing lol). I see a seam between front and back cloth pieces, modular cloth design? Could be the first step towards a UE4-powered Marvelous Designer. What tools are you using to fab the cloth?

Hey TechLord !

Yeah the screenshot is a trap ! He he, because sometimes youtube preview doesn’t appear so i had to do this way.

You are right, i made clothes for the Summer collection 2015 with Marvelous Designer :slight_smile:
The problem is to export pre calculed animation with MDD cache that UE4 does not handle.

So finally we will use APEX that is a real time calculate so it’s more heavy for the game graphics.

We use some softwares and tricks to go forward to build the game but we are still looking for 3D graphist !

3D Modeling and armor design testing

hi all this game is something i find very cool would love to work on it with you all i do alot of stuff AKA make my own game but i would love to with a team here is a video i made of my game it should give you a good idea of if im a good fit for you all

PS. sorry for the frame rate my computer is a little old

All Right Flakcannon let’s talk about it on monday :slight_smile:

Arena in progress…

Welcome to our new member Flakcannon BluePrint, General 3D graphics design, crowd design

Working on the finals animations, still need to perfect it, the body have more muscular now.

i am interrest in this project(as 3D modeler) also i have been work in some too .
do you have a email adress ?

Hi Matter ! Check your message box in this forum :slight_smile:

Here a good inspiration we will probably use in our game.

FOR HONOR - Samurai & Knights Gameplay Footage | E3 2015

Working on the clothes

Working on animations too, here the left Parry not finished yet

We are still looking for 3D and 2D artist and a network programmer for UE4 Server + Web interface secure interactions

Posing NPC Tiger Testing