Bugged Lighting (Colored glow) on Blueprints from Static Lighting

Hey guys,

I’ve got an urgent issue as our deadline is approaching tomorrow evening and I can’t seem to get my bugs fixed.
As you can see the spotlights shine through the walls.
All of our interactable blueprints (such as drawers, chests -> movable SM BPs, Skeletal mesh bps) arbitrarily pick up the red lighting and look as if they used a red emissive material.
Even objects that are in a different lighting channel are being affected by the red lighting. I added backfaces and extra geometry to fix the light bleeding, but objects with a 2m distance
from the doors are still picking up that red lighting.

We have 3 Levels; 1 Main Level, 1 Day (blue) level and 1 Night level (red) that are being streamed during runtime.
I tried

  • utilizing stationary lights for the rooms
  • massively bumping up lightmass samples
  • scaling down box reflection captures and re-doing the captures (they are outside of the corridors)
  • adding the wallframe into the blueprints, checking the “Light as if static” option and propagating that lighting to their children (the doors)
  • using a different lighting channel with dynamic room-lights and room geometry ONLY

I’ll post screenshots of all settings in the next post

Our draft will be up on here: Dropbox - File Deleted (take care, lound weird sound)

Screenshots of Light Settings: