Bug with revenant`s ultimate

To whom it may concern,
I was going to use my ult in Aurora, but just as i did, she jumped and left back her ice statue. I ulted the statue and after that i was unable to shoot. shortly after i wasnt able to move at all. Due to this the game noticed that my character wasnt moving and thought i was AFK and i was banned for one day. I dont mind the ban, but we would possibly win the game and i am only upset that i “wasted” some time playing paragon for nothing.
If you have access to my replays, please view my mosy recent game. The bug happened in mid to late game.
I hope the problem gets fixed!

Thank you for your time

Gamertag: KillerRedux

Hey KillerRedux,

For issues with Paragon, please visit http://paragonhelp.epicgames.com/

There you’ll find an Email Us button on the side of the page which you can use too submit the information regarding your bug.

Have a great day