BUG REPORT: UE4.22 rewrites every project scalability settings to match a new project, why?

Hi, each of my projects has its own scalability settings configuration, but now i created a new UE 4.22 Project, customized scalability settings for that project, save, close, open another older Project and… figure out that scalability settings have changed for the older project, so i did not remembered the original ones, and opened my UE 4.19 versión to copy those settings, and UE also changes its scalability, and now… each old Project i open is changing its scalability settings to match the settings i configured for my new UE4.22 project, WHY??? OMG…. it takes forever to set some of those, because of shader compilations… why the new UE4.22 Project is overwriting scalability settings across every old Project i open?.. this is horrible.

Basically i canot open any old Project, if i do, UE will rewrite its scalability settings… Help!