BUG Report: Camera + Skeletal Mesh is messing up "add force" on pawn

Today I build a simple player pawn, that has a jetpack function where it’s supposed to let the player hover in the air. The Pawn consists of nothing more than a collision capsule (physics enabled) , a skeletal mesh (epic mannequin, with no collision or physics enabled), a camera and the “floating pawn movement” component.

I use an “add force” on the capsule, on a timer (tick is the same result), to apply a force “upwards” (z=1).

Now, whenever the camera is pointing downwards AND a skeletal mesh is chosen, the force seems to be multiplied by 2 (and divided by 2 when “looking” upwards).
When the camera is looking forward, the “add force” functions normally as it should.

I tested this with a fresh pawn, a fresh map and even a fresh project, and the effect is always the same. The skeletal mesh + camera for some reason seems to affect the physics / “add force” and makes it stronger when the camera is pointing downwards.

Also no option in neither the pawn, capsule, skeletal mesh or camera does change this behaviour.

EDIT: Appearently this is caused by the “Floating Pawn Movement” component. When I remove it, the add force functions relatively normally (though there seems to be some random hickups since the 4.25 release).

Can someone look into this? Because this doesn’t seem like it should happen.


I don’t use Floating Pawn Movement much (AI maybe). But the docs are so useless, what features is it supposed to provide anyway? Can’t you just use a Pawn, disable gravity, and then get pretty much the same thing??? If FPM had some of the features of the CMC then you’d have client side prediction which would be huge…

The docs are useless indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could change the gravity at runtime, though that would affect everything in the level, which isn’t viable in my case. I tried to change linear dampening when I fall, which works reasonably well for slowly floating downwards, but I think I will just “fake” the physics upward force by setting the location manually every 0.02 second (against the gravity).

Gravity Scale is worth exploring. Setting it to 0 lets the Character float around without affecting anything else in the level. Its a property of the CMC and there are others if you type Gravity into the search box after clicking on the Character Movement component. But that’s the only one I’ve found to work. So while every static mesh has an ‘enable gravity’ tickbox (character capsule also), I’ve not personally had any luck with those. On the other hand, if your BP is inherited from Pawn and Simulate Physics is ticked on, unticking ‘enable gravity’ does indeed seem to have an effect iirc.