[Bug] Playing a Level Sequence from Blueprint, not starting at zero

To test out the playback of a Level Sequence from Blueprint, I have an empty level with a trigger volume, and a Level Sequence with a simple camera move. The movie plays back, but never plays back from the same start time. After some digging, we’ve discovered what I believe is a bug in the blueprint nodes.

When the “Make MovieSceneSequencePlaybackSettings” node is connected to my “Create Level Sequence Player”, the bug is that the settings are actually different from what is specified. In my blueprint, the “Random Start Time” value is unchecked, as pictured:

However, when I play the game and the sequence is running, I can select the Level Sequence actor, and see in its settings that the “Random Start Time” is turned on:

Finally, to test it the other way, when I then delete the “Make MovieSceneSequencePlaybackSettings” from the blueprint, and play the game again, the “Random Start Time” is unchecked on the actor and the scene plays correctly.

I can’t imagine this is user error on my part, but correct me if I’m wrong. Otherwise, can this be entered in as a bug for Unreal? Thank you.