[BUG] Placeholder on Water Planes after download

In UE 4.10.2 on Water Planes templates is a Placeholder (text) in Description field

See attached file.

Hi vmpDracula,

This has apparently been fixed as I do not see it in the latest version of the Launcher. In the upper right hand corner of your attached image, it shows you have 9 downloads pending. Please download to the latest version of the Launcher and let me know if this issue persists.



Hello Steven,

Please see the new attached files, which refers to the Water Plane bug and a new one KiteDemo Placeholder long, after i’ve been updated UE4.10 to the latest version


Please sign out and reopen the Launcher so that you are prompted to sign in. This should force the Launcher itself to update. Please be sure you are using the latest version of the Launcher as shown below (2.9.1):