[Bug] Pin Splitting within an array causes problem

Here is my post on the forums

  1. Here it is working (with what im looking to do, then with the new pin split feature!)

http://i.imgur.com/4gn4y0n.png [Full Size]

  1. Save the project, and reload the project and it gets messed up

http://i.imgur.com/66UANI4.png [Full size]

Hi ,

Has this occurred in a blank project with no additional content?

Yes it does on a Blank 4.3 Project aswell.

Note: it works and you can fix it. The problem arises when you save the project and reload it. Then it results in pins completely shifting and causing an error.

Doing the exact setup from above:

Hi ,

What specific nodes are you using in this blueprint, specifically the far left and far right nodes? We are attempting to reproduce this however without some indication as to what they are it has been problematic. Thank you!

All it is, is two transform nodes(Get’er/Set’er to a Transform variable) then doing a simple (arbitrary ) calculation

So you are splitting the transform variable node twice.

The problem is the pin routes don’t save/reload properly

Hi ,

After some legwork I was finally able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report for it to be assessed. Have a great day!