Bug or New Feature?

Hi All,

Running 4.15.2 here. Strange issue is occurring when I duplicate objects within a blueprint. For example if I create a cube, set the scale to 10,10,1 and duplicate, the duplicated object becomes a child and its transforms are then multiplied (in world space scale 100, 100, 10).

I tested this out in 4.14 and 4.12 and hitting CTRL+W works as you would expect it, just duplicates the object like normal, no parenting etc. Is this a new feature in 4.15 and is there a way to disable? Or is this a bug.

See the screen shot below.

Thank you!


Very strange. Im using 15.2 and I just Alt-drag objects in my scene to duplicate. I havent seen this issue before. If you create a new project, do you still see this issue?

I believe he means copy the mesh in the left panel and past it to the parent , since say mesh is scaled 2,2,2 the pasted copy generates as a 2,2,2 scaled by the parent making it 4,4,4 etc

based on the numbers from when you do this it just looks like it’s taking the original size literally and then multiplying it by the parents size again

Right, its strange. It doesn’t happen in the Level view-port, only in the blue print view-port. I tried making a new project, same issue is persisting.

Within the Blue Print viewport, the alt-drag function does not work. When I try hitting CTRL+W or right clicking and selecting duplicate, it makes the new object a child of the duplicated object.

I have a feeling this is a bug based on in don’t see why someone would want this to be the default result of a copy if it’s scaled. Really I would think the fix is when copying it. The scale is always multiplied by 1 and not by the parents scale. So a scale 10,10,1 would result in the same instead of 100,100,1

I have the same issue and it is really very annoying :wink:
Hopefully epic can fix it?

Do a bug report through Answer Hub, see here for instructions: Report a Bug - Unreal Engine

This is the best way to report these type of things.