[BUG] Only client #1 can interact with UI widgets


we need more information. Pictures of your blueprint setup so we can see what you did wrong (:

Only client #1 can interact with UI widgets as seen here: Youtube Video

I don’t think that I did anything wrong :c

I tried making a new widget and a new actor blueprint to house it and its still the same so my widget is not broken.

This is how i enable the mouse in my Player Controller: Image

Here’s the Blueprint: Image

and the Widget: Image

Thanks for helping.

Only the first client can interact with it, and no hes not the server because I am running a dedicated server. So it seems to be a UMG bug. Notice that the UI doesn’t even receive hover events, thats a client-side thing that is build-in to UMG, I am not doing anything wrong here.Plus all my networked stuff is replicated correctly.

Hm, ok, if you start the game with only 1 player, does it work?
And if you play the game with 3! players, who is able to use it? Still only the first client? Because the first client is the server and if this is available to everyone, then i guess this is a replication issue.

So you need to let the server do the changes by creating custom events that are replicated from the clien to the server.