bug in editor (also, cant post on Answer hub for some reason)

windows 7, bug report - 4.5.1

when ever I click to edit a value in a Details panel that is a Vector based param the cursor instantly snaps to the top left of my 2nd monitor and behaves as if i’ve clicked there. So if i have a 2nd unreal window open it clicks the U symbol and brings up the windows context menu Restore, Minimize, Close etc…

happens with values with a min/max (the ‘resize’ icon appears bottom left arrow & top right arrow) - indicating i can hold left mouse button and drag left/right to increase/decrease the value.

has been fixed already in the latest version of the editor on Github, the launcher version will be fixed with the next release. :slight_smile:

See for more details:

Hi AxelZallalex,

is correct, that particular bug has been fixed internally and will be fixed in an upcoming release. You can also get the source build off of GitHub that already has the fix in if it becomes too much of a problem.

Terribly sorry about the answerhub not allowing new questions right now, we are working very hard to get fixed ASAP. Thank you for being patient with us while we get it fixed