Bug in CapsuleTraceByChannel in 4.22.1 ?

In my game I would like have climbing feature for my main character, and have found very good tutorial by link:
UE4 Climb System - Tutorial
In the description I have found complete project. But It is not working in UE 4.22.1 My deep investigation shows, that bluprint node “CapsuleTraceByChannel” always return false. In UE 4.16.3 and 4.20.3 all works perfectly. (I have not tried in 4.21). The following screenshots show the problem and blueprints



Blueprint that uses CapsuleTraceByChannel node

Please advise

I’d assume it’s a bug. I did the same tutorial and got it to work by changing the end value of an axis by .000001 or so. Not pretty, but worked. Unfortunately you then end up with 2 capsules instead of 1.

Can it be fixed in 4.22.2 ?