[Bug] HOT Reload does not function with XCode 6


Hot Reload is not currently functioning in OSX(10.9) using XCode 6.0.1. Hot reload works fine in the editor and and new dylibs appear. In XCode, however, when I compile, I get a plain dylib with no numbered suffix. If existing hot reload files exist from the editor, xcode mentions that it deleted them and then produces a dylib without the numbered suffix. The editor does not respond notify of a hot reload and behaviour does not changes as expected… like the speed of a character etc.


EDIT: Doesn’t work on released version(4.5) of UE4.


The fix for this went in after we branched for 4.5 (here: https://github.com/EpicGames/UnrealEngine/commit/2f15e002cbd5ddd2f77f0bd07c5b229cd10c1a73). We’re going to ttry and release a quick fix for this, and make sure it’s in 4.5.1 release.

Lots of hugs from me! Thanks Robert!

Fixed for me in 4.5.1. Thank you!