[Bug] Hiding bones prevents animations from working

It seems that hiding bones via Mesh->HideBone() prevents any animation blueprint from working. The mesh just stays on the reference pose.

To try it yourself, open the ShooterGame sample and add the following to the end of the AShooterCharacter::UpdatePawnMeshes() function: Mesh->HideBoneByName(TEXT("b_head"),PBO_None);. Play the game and behold the headless characters on the ref pose.

By the way, using PBO_Term instead of PBO_None causes a crash.

Hi Jefferson,

This is a bug, and I have reproduced it in Rocket Beta 6. But the good news is that it has already been fixed in our internal build. You can expect that the animations will still play in future Rocket releases.

As for the PBO_Term crash, I have also reproduced and made a report for that.


#Mesh Component Update Flag

In the blueprint of your character / owner of skeletal mesh

set this:

it’s under advanced properties so click on the eye and check off show all advanced properties


instead of



The equivalent in c++ is

Mesh->MeshComponentUpdateFlag = EMeshComponentUpdateFlag::AlwaysTickPoseAndRefreshBones;

#My Video Example

I had to use this setting in my video to get the vertices to update for the Rainbow Particle Creatures, whose entire mesh’s were set to invisible


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Thanks for the answer, but that didn’t solve it. I added that code to both the constructor and the function UpdatePawnMeshes().

Not exactly a solution, but a workaround was to set the bone scale to zero (in the anim blueprint), instead of hiding it.

hmmm, well let’s see what Epic has to say about this! Great research on your part!