Bug - Editor Crashes when TEXT is the same for CreateDefaultSubojbect

This seems like a bug to me:

When creating a default subobject I accidentally left the text value the same. This caused the editor to crash during compiling and the editor would no longer open. The only solution was to launch a backup. This is one of those things that should be a caught by the compiler and reported as an error instead of outright crashing.

Crash Report

You can’t really catch that with the compiler, it’s just user error. What you’ve typed is still valid syntax, even if does the wrong thing. You should easily be able to fix that then restart the editor.

Making a change to an objects Constructor then compiling without closing the editor isn’t supported, constructor/header changes require a full restart. Not doing that can make the currently running application very unstable.

You mean rebuild and launch the solution from within visual studio, correct?

Yeah exactly, just one click in VS (relaunch IIRC)