BUG delay actor using "Tick when paused"

Using a “Delay” node in an event graph of actor using “Tick when paused” doesn’t work.
Apparently the only solution should to do the timer yourself using a float variable.

Hey Alundra,

Thank you for noticing this issue with the “delay” and “tickable when paused” nodes. I have verified that there is an issue occurring with these and have entered a Jira report. If you’d like to check on the progress of this bug in the future, you can refer to: UE-16279

Thank you!

Was this bug ever fixed?

Currently trying to add a delay between moving up and down on my pause menu.

I have a seperate blueprint for the pause menu, “tick when paused” is check on, with a doOnce attached to move up and down, and a delay to reset it in order to control the speed of scrolling through the menu with a controller

The delays get stopped when the game is paused, making it impossible to move through my pause menu. attached is a screengrab of my blueprint, any help is appreciated (maybe theres a work around?)


Delay works inside UMG widget blueprints when paused, but not in Actor-derived blueprints for some reason. Timers seem to never work while paused.

Hi everyone,

I checked on UE-16279 and currently it is still unresolved. I do not have a timeframe of when it will be assessed.

4 years later and it still goes unsolved.

I’ve found that on top of having “Tick Even when Paused” on, you need to also have the actual Event Tick node there (even not connected to anything) for delays to work when paused.

GENIUS!! It works, much tanks!!