[BUG] Compiler output only shows the first time

When a compiling error occurs the Compiler Log inside Message Log only works (ie: shows what the error is) for the first time. Second time it appears blank. I need to change from Compiler Log to something else and then back to Compiler Log to make it show what the error is.

Build info

Version: 1711197

Install Path: G:/Rocket


OS: Windows 7 x64


Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 465


Repro Steps

Start Rocket

Open Visual Studio and type something that will fail when compiling.

Press Compile inside Rocket

Message Log shows what the error is.

Close Message Log and press Compile again.

Message Log shows but it will be empty.

Change Compiler Log to any other and then change it again to make it show what the error is.


Shows what the error is without changing the Compiler Log.

Hi Satheesh,

Thank you for your report. I have investigated the issue and it has been addressed in an internal build. The messages will be produced every time. This will be implemented into a future build of Rocket. If there is anything else that is not behaving as expected, please let us know.

Thank you,