Bug Character stuck for no apparent reasons ; not sure how to deal with it

Hey im working on a mobile game and i’m stuck with an annoying bug, sometimes the character get stuck in the tiles, already tried to change how the movements are handled and the shape of the hitboxes , doesnt work.

**What the bug looks like : **

Here’s my blueprint for my character movement, note we are using a project gravity of 100000 and using terminal velocity to make the character go upward, using set actor location to move him on the left/right according to the direction he is facing.

If you have any idea, or if you know how to help me out please dont hesitate.
Thanks in advance.

Is there a collision mesh blocking the area that’s hidden?

No theres none and this bug happens randomly but rarely on any block / tile on the game.

put some debuggers in place so you can get a log going.

I already checked all my vars, also printed the terminal velocity , the gravity and such and i dont see anything strange, dont ask obvious questions please i would probably already tried / done that.