bug/bluescreen/crash-unreal engine

  • Unreal engine crashes, with various blue screen or sometimes just crashes.

  • It only crashes when using unreal engine.

  • It’s fine with 3ds max, rhino, vray etc.

  • conditions while running unreal : avast turned off, malwarebytes turned off.

  • my computer spec:
    window 10 64bit
    system model : GT 70 2PC
    Ram :32g
    Processor : Intel core i7-4810MQ CPU/ 2.8GHz (8CPU)
    Direct X version : 12
    Graphic :
    Intel HD graphic 4600
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 870M (unreal is set with this)/ total memory : 22451

Steps I did

checked Ram memory card (window memory diagnotic) → I have 2 ram → checked one by one → no problem
checked Anti virus → no problem
checked sfc/scannow → no problem
chekced dism/online/local-… restorehealth → no problem

reinstalled “window” -> choosing “keep my file” option.
reinstalled unreal, visual studio

It still crashes.

please shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Hi there,

For technical support, please post this issue to the AnswerHub Bug Reports section with the info you provided above. Epic staff will be able to assist you there.


For some reason I cannot log in to Answerhub. gives me this message :“There was an error contacting the remote service”

FYI, more detail for my crash…
unreal engine crashes randomly. It seems to happen more often when I choose “C++” option for the “new project” Please help.

->Here’s my log file. I put 3 different crash files.