Bug? AttachActorToComponent in multiplayer PIE

I’ve found a possible bug. When i run my game as stated below:

  1. In multiplayer

  2. run in PIE

  3. spawn weapon on server, replicate

  4. yield weapon on all clients, AttachActorToComponent (wep_mesh to character_skeletal_mesh)

  5. When shutting down editor crashes on:


// Detach children before destroying
	for (int32 Index = AttachChildren.Num()-1; Index >= 0; --Index)
		**if (USceneComponent* Child = AttachChildren[Index])**
			if (AttachParent)


DetachActorFromActor in my PlayerController on all my BaseItem class objects in Event EndPlay

We have the same issue:
We’ve created modular pawn, which completely consists of ChildActorComponents.
ChildActorComponents spawn at server and replcate to client.
When we launch PIE at dedicated server and kill our pawn, client crushes at the same place.
Because Index = 0 and AttachChildren.Num() = 0.