[bug] 4.5 broke the car project terrain shader

We use the terrain material from the car example project and for some reason 4.5 broke it.

As soon as we paint the ‘pebbles’ layer on the terrain, the patch that contain pebbles get the default shader as seen here:

Curiousely it does not happen with the rock and sand layer.
No material errors are shown in the material editor.

What’s going on?

Hey bigzer,

Are you attempting to use this landscape material in a different project? If so, be sure you are migrating all of the assets from the vehicle game in order for the dependencies to transfer over as well.


Hello bigzer,

This is a known issue and a report has been made. Once resolved you will see this addressed in the upcoming patch notes. Let us know if you have any other questions and thank you for your patience.

Alright, its great to hear that thank you.