Buffer Tearing with nvidia cards - SOLVED!

Hi - I’ve been tearing my hair out recently. I’m working on a project which eventually needs to be output to tape etc, but it seemed that whatever I tried in terms of vsync in UE and in the drivers there was always really nasty tearing on my relatively simple scene.

My system - 2xGTX980’s in SLI mode (the tearing happened with sli on or off).
Asus X99 deluxe, 48GB of DDR4, running off raided SDDs - you get the picture - a high end machine.
and… Windows 7

Today I installed windows 10, and once I installed the not-up-to-date nvidia driver (because the current one crashes the machine v.often) it:

A) looks terrific, ie - no tearing
B) performance has gone through the roof!

Give it a try! It’s very stable in my opinion.

(Please don’t give me the beta os shakey-head, you shouldn’t use it if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s for big boys only lines - I hate when people do that - we’re developers people! We’re good at tech!)


are you using DUMPMOVIE? if so how are you able to get it to work I can not get output from any project not even the sample ones

I’m just playing out into a black magic hyperdeck shuttle 2. But it didn’t matter if I was playing out or not - the tearing was always there, regardless of screen resolution,antialiasing mode, motion blur options, whatever!