Brushes vs. static meshes for basic structures

Hello all,

I have a question for you. I’m trying to build an interior map and I’ve been studying “Mastering Unreal Technology”. I know it’s old but I still find the book incredibly useful.
I was planning to build the layout for my level with 2d shape editor, but I quicky found out that it’s no longer implemented. Even in the book it’s stated that static meshes are more efficient.
This raised a question.
When building dungeon-like interiors, is it better to use brushes for the floors/ceilings/walls or shoud I just make modular sections in blender and import them as static meshes? (something like Bethesda’s construction kit if some of you have ever tried it)
And if meshes are indeed better, what should i use brushes for?

I’m asking this question with both performance and workflow in mind.
Also, I don’t plan on recycling a lot of assets.

I’m sorry if this question was already answered, I couldn’t find it with the search function.
Thank you in advance.

well the best workflow is usually to use bsp to block out your level and then switch it out for meshes, you can convert bsp to a mesh in UE4 and then export to blender to optimize it(redo UV’s/create LOD’s…ect) and reimport back to UE4.

for workflow its probably quicker to use bsp but for performance meshes are better as they can be optimized a lot more, especially for larger levels.

hope that helps:).