Brush global modifications (uv-material...)

I wanna know if there is a way to apply to several Brushes at the same time, a single material, or resetting their UVs to planar and so ?
Because currently everytime time i’m scaling a brush to build my terrain, i have to reset each brush to planar, then apply on every brush’s faces the material i want, which is just insane haha.

Its kinda weird not being able to apply a material on all the selected items at the same time.

And by the way, can we apply material based on “world scale”, like i do in 3ds Max with just a “uvw map”, rather than using the props uv to scale the material on it ? (like the Brush->Geometry->Align surface to box" does)

Is it also possible to have a Lit or Unlit wiewport with wireframe, i mean without the backface visible in wireframe ?

Thanks in advance^^.

Once you have a number of surfaces selected (could be all of them) you can drag and drop a material from the content browser and it will assign to all of them.

Try the MeshEdges show flag in the Show menu, under advanced

Thanks. Indeed the show mesh edges is perfect.
I just discover than you can select faces of different brushes with the “select all adjacent wall surfaces”, its perfect so^^