Brune BSDL Tools Dump

Hey All,

I’ve been open sourcing my plugins that I’ve been able to put my 4 years experience of this engine into. These are simple plugins that solve game specific issues and are certainly not for most cases.

Such as a Save System that is very specific to how it saves. By passing save references into a root save in order to save with the same display names (Such as displaying the level or mission name.) It additionally has the ability to find save files via the file system if you desire your UI to be 1:1 with filenames.

A mission system that will handle being saved and loaded via the save system above. Not only that but keep missions across levels and between individual players but I’ve not tested the multiplayer of this system yet. It’s inspired from the 'Horizon: Zero Dawn’ GDC 2017 talk: GDC Vault - Building Non-linear Narratives in 'Horizon: Zero Dawn'
GitHub - MJBrune/BrunesMissionSystem-UE4Plugin: A mission system that will handle the complexities laid out in the gdc 2017 talk:

A character system that will interact with the mission system and save system in order to keep named people dead and not spawn them in when going from level to level. Additionally this can be used with the mission system to attach a mission to a character. If your game has non-playable characters.

Lastly a top down action template basically the top down template but with “WASD” movement. A bit more complex than that as people forget little things like the crosshairs and rotation of characters. It’s a template for games like Hotline Miami, GTA 1/2 and my favorite game recently, Heat Signature.

All of these are BSDL 2 clause meaning you don’t need to attribute me more than including a text document or documentation somewhere in your game’s distribution. THAT SAID:

Please feel free to use these however you want. You do not need to attribute me in binary form if it makes or breaks your choice on using these things.

See a mistake? Think I did something wrong? I take pull requests! :smiley:

Michael Brune
Studio Director
Underflow Studios


Thank you very much for open sourcing these tools :slight_smile:

I need to ask though. What engine version do these tools work with?

No problem! :smiley: I used 4.17 but I suspect they could be used in most versions. They are fairly simple and don’t take advantage of newer things such as the asset manager or the gameplay ability system.