Broken directional light shadows on mobile (android)


Are there any known issues with directional light shadows on android ? (unreal 4.9.1, nexus 5 device)
For now I have my scene lit by 1 directional light, from with I want dynamic shadows from my characters (skinned meshes)
If I set light mobility to stationary - only static meshes cast light on my scene (dynamic meshes have ‘cast shadows’ enabled)
If I change mobility to movable (I assign 1 cascade, 2500 range from camera, scene is basically just a plane with few columns and characters moving) - on D3D_GLES2 preview all is fine, and the desired effect is archieved, but
after packaging to device my shadows are upside down :slight_smile: (like if the shadowmap was upside-down when doing projective lockup from it) - any ideas why ?
(my shaders are nothing fancy right now - just albedo is assigned as texture in graph, shading model default-lit)

I am facing a issue alike. In preiview mode of android es2, dynamic shadows of my controlled pawn from movable directional light, shown in the right place. But on my device with android4.4 with gpu adron330(Mi 4 phone), the shadow show in a wrong position(it seems the dynamic shadow is drawn in a far away location instead around the foot of the pawn). I think there is two issues: first is showing different in previewing mode and device, second is incorrect computation of shadow on device.
Super developer of Unreal engine, could u take a look at this issue? I think there are a large quatity of devices with android 4.4 out there which is definitly the target device which suits ureal engine, it is reasonable to select a couple of those to make them wiork fine with the engine.

Dynamic light works normal on 4.11.0.