Broke something with project loading

I wanted to check my project into SVN, so I read the various forum threads on how to do this. It seemed like a risky process and some people’s projects ended up broken. So, I made a copy of my entire project, just by copying the whole folder. That seemed to work fine, and both projects show up in UE’s “library” screen. So, in the copy, I started removing everything that doesn’t belong in source control… *.suo, *.sdf, the “Binaries” folder, the “Saved” folder, some (but not all) of the things in the “Intermediate” folder… Then I committed it to SVN.

At first, I thought I got lucky and everything was working. I can build the project and run it. But, I broke something because when I run it, it just goes straight to that “library” screen. It used to jump right into the editor with the game project loaded, ready for me to press “Play.” Now, even if I double-click the project to load the editor, then press play, none of my code changes take effect. It’s apparently getting a stale build from somewhere, presumably the original project before I made the copy.

Any idea what needs to be updated to fix this?

DANG! Disregard this thread. Or better yet, delete it, if that’s possible.

The solution was to just open the project in the editor and do “Refresh Visual Studio Project” (File menu).

Oh well, maybe this dumb thread will help someone else.