'Break rotator' elements are wrong?


Probably I’m not interpreting this right, not sure.
From the image:
BreakRotator says Roll is ‘X’, Pitch is ‘Y’ and Yaw is ‘Z’. But in the viewport if I change ‘X’ angle (red) actor is rotating around the green vertice (Y). And this is not ‘roll’ around X accordingly blueprint.
There’s something wrong with this all together or just the UE conventions I must get used to?

I know Yaw Pitch Roll like the airplane figure. (angle rotates along axis not against axis)

Duh I’m sorry.

Just spawed a fresh cube and everything’s the right places as expected.

No idea how this happend. Probably stuff get mixed after I attached the cube into another cube?

This cube Im having this problem is a Blueprint i’ve created from a fresh cube choosing “new subclass”. But this cube alone works OK, problem occur after attaching, and the first cube attached to a spline. Is the spline the source of this confusion?
Cube’s blueprint have construction scrip not doing anything