Brazil Gets Unreal: Brasília

Epic Games is excited to announce Brazil Gets Unreal: Brasília, a series of lectures showcasing the use of Unreal Engine in a partnership with Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília - IESB.

When: August 20, 2015. From 2:00PM to 6:00PM at IESB auditorium (Campus Sul).

In this tutorial you’ll see exactly how to build a twin-stick shooter for mobile deployment - completely from scratch - using the UE4 Blueprint visual scripting system. Since Blueprints are easily leveraged by all game development disciplines, artists, designers, and programmers are all welcome.

Topics we’ll cover include: project setup, controller setup, importing assets, building materials, creating character classes, creating AI, navigation, blending animation, spawning enemies, maintaining game state, and configuring in-game UI.

This tutorial assumes you have 3D game development experience, but have not yet gotten started with Unreal.

Register here:

13:30PM – Doors open
14:00PM – Lecture begins
16:00PM – Break
16:30PM – Lecture continues
18:00PM – Lecture concludes

IESB – Campus Sul
Asa Sul - SGAS Quadra 613/614 – Lotes 97 e 98 L2 Sul
Brasília - DF

Em Português: