(Brand New) Retarget skeletons not available

Hi everyone, I am trying to learn to develop a game of my own, and I am starting to follow a youtube series on the type of game I want to make. Here is a link to the current video where the issue resides. Setup the Animation Blueprint - #2 | UE4 Coop Survival Game Tutorial - YouTube The Trouble I am having is with animations. I added the Animation Starter Pack to the project and according to the video needed to retarget the default animations to use the skeleton of the starter pack mesh, but when following along with the video I made it to the 1:52 timestamp and had an issue. The Mesh didn’t show up in the list after pressing 'Retarget Anim Assets> Retarget Anim Assets and Retarget. The list was blank. I noticed that the mannequins had the same name, and hoped to be able to continue, but couldn’t later use the default animation, due to it having an incompatible skeleton. Would anyone know why I can’t access the other skeleton from the starter pack?