Branch dev-rendering build fails.

I’m trying to build the engine from the dev-rendering branch, but I keep getting errors.
So, here’s what I did:
I downloaded the source from this branch (tried both downloading it, and cloning):…/dev-rendering
I do the usual steps: Setup.bat, then GenerateProjectFiles.bat
GenerateProjectFiles.bat output:

Setting up Unreal Engine 4 project files...
Binding IntelliSense data...
WARNING: Exception while generating include data for UnrealFileServer: Unable to instantiate module 'UnrealEd': Unable to instantiate UnrealEd module for non-editor targets.
(referenced via Target -> UnrealFileServer.Build.cs -> NetworkFileSystem.Build.cs -> Engine.Build.cs -> UMG.Build.cs -> MovieSceneTracks.Build.cs -> BlueprintGraph.Build.cs -> KismetCompiler.Build.cs)
Binding IntelliSense data... 100%
Writing project files... 100%

It throws this warning, but other than that all files are generated.
I then open UE4.sln with Visual Studio: Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 Version 16.7.4
I select the UE4 as the startup project, and then hit “build”.
The compiling starts, and 45 minutes or so it ends with the following output:

Now I know that any of these dev branches are highly unstable, and there’s no surprise that something like this happens, but does anybody know how to fix this? Am I doing something wrong?
I mean, I can see the errors, but rather than debugging the actual code here, I think I must be missing something rather than it really having an uncompilable code.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Open Engine\Source\Runtime\MovieSceneTracks*MovieSceneTracks.Build.cs* and replace this line:

if (Target.bBuildWithEditorOnlyData)

with this:

if (Target.bBuildWithEditorOnlyData && Target.bBuildEditor)

I’ve created a pull request that does just that:

Alright, thanks!