Branch check not working properly, locks gamepad input

I have a system in my game where you can’t press the gamepad trigger while the right bumper action is being performed.

This is done by setting a boolean, say RightBumperInUse = True after hitting the button, it then sets to false once the action/animation is completed.

Right trigger is immediately checking whether RightBumperInUse = True. The False exit leads to the actions you can do with Right Trigger.

I checked the boolean through a print screen and it’s setting itself to true/false properly. However if you hit Right trigger at a certain point towards the end of Right Bumper’s action, after Right Bumper is finished Right Trigger doesn’t work at all despite the boolean for RightBumperInUse being set to false. It won’t work unless I perform another action on another key that doesn’t affect that boolean at all.

These actions revolve around combat, so it’s pretty significant to not be able to follow up commands soon after without having to worry that if you press it too quickly it’ll lock you out. Any insight into how I might solve this?


Even if I do something simpler, like disabling input while RightBumper action is being performed, then enabling input when it’s finished and discarding the branch check entirely, it still locks where the right trigger won’t work sometimes if pressed too close to the end. This is really puzzling.

Are you 100% sure you aren’t dealing with a bad controller here?
Aside from that it seems like the input is getting locked or that the release event is not completing, which is why I ask.

Did you check the boolean state from with the print from the trigger event?

Start with that and make sure that the trigger works.

From there, there are a few possible solutions.

Get the player controller and drag off typing Key. You’ll get some interesting options to debug whatever is going on further.

I tied the right bumper ability to another combat mode and it’s doing the same with with a different ability. It appears that something interrupts despite input being disabled and doesn’t enable properly. In this example I couldn’t move or attack, whereas before I just couldn’t attack.

Yes the boolean state is registering properly. I’ve since moved onto just using enable/disable inputs but that gives me the same issue.

Assuming you’re saying to plug in my input action into is input key down and check, it’s returning false regardless of whether I’m pressing or not. However the action is executing so not sure why that is.


Aaaaand it wasn’t even related to that it seems. Looks like it was due to it interrupting my attack combo system and not resetting like it should. It appears to be working now.

I do appreciate your assistance MostHost LA, sorry to waste your time. =P

No worries, check the control nodes out anyway.
You can shove them in a section off branch with a “debug” bool to print out info whenever you get a “WTF?” moment. (I have mine on Shift / for “?” :P)

It’s like using the Pie tools without having to actually learn how to enable the same info in the PIE editor. I’m sure it’s there somewhere, but it really does need it’s own usage guide to figure out all the modes and the command line options…

Appreciate the tip, thanks! =)