BP_Sky_Sphere accidentally moved to a map level!

Hi, I’ve accidentally moved my BP_Sky_Sphere onto one of my maps (ctrl+M whilst moving building association) which now has had it’s extent changed to be massive 163,000,000!! I can’t undo as I don’t have any history after saving. It wasn’t like this at the point of saving so I am very confused. The world composition editor is now fully white with my map level containing BP_Sky_Sphere. I can’t see BP_Sky_Sphere in world outliner anywhere but I can see it in reference viewer for the specific map level it’s gone to. Anyone know how I can delete this or move it back to where it should be? Thanks.

edit: found sky sphere, moved it into lighting, saved, but it still seems to be associated with the same sub level below persistent because if I hide the sub level, the landscape goes dim and the extent of the sublevel is still 163,000,000 :frowning:

edit2: Corrected extent by just deleting the sky sphere, guess I just need to figure out where to import it back in to.