BP_LightStudio causes shadow error in ParallaxOcclusionMapping


for about last week I’m trying to work out issue with POM and BP_LightStudio. Yesterday, I posted the problem here (BP_LightStudio causes shadow error in ParallaxOcclusionMapping - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums) but I haven’t got any views and I don’t have enough experience with POM to solve it on my own.

If anyone can help me solve it(or nudge me in right direction) I will be grateful

Pixel Depth Offset is not properly supported for dynamic lights yet. This is a known limitation. It causes the shadow receiving position to update correctly, but shadows are still cast from the lowpoly geo only. So any time you have offset, the surface will completely self shadow if there is a dynamic light. We mostly only use PDO for stationary lights, and use contact shadows to add small details. POM without PDO should be fine.