BP Tick doesn't tick unless "Allow Tick Before Begin Play" is checked

I’ve been following the “Twin Stick Shooter” and “Blueprint Multiplayer” tutorials. I’m currently at Twin Stick Shooter #7 and Blueprint Multiplayer #11.

I’ve had my player character working just fine until today. Now it seems that Event Ticks do not work anymore unless I have “Allow Tick Before Begin Play” checked. I have no idea what type of information to even provide for this. I did rename my character class from “BaseCharacter” to “0_Base” at one point but I would assume that that shouldn’t affect anything.

Anyone have any ideas or what types of information would be useful for this?

It turns that that I had GameState set as the Game State Class instead of GameStateBase. Not sure why that made that huge of a difference but seemed that it did. Even with “Allow Tick Before Begin Play” checked, it still wasn’t playing normally as it did with GameStateBase set.

I noticed that some changed between GameState and GameStateBase were introduced with the 4.14. So if you upgraded your project to 4.14 maybe that was the source of your bug :smiley: