BP that do not register


Since a few days, I have some BP that do not register. Each time I restart the project, the changes are not recorded. And yet I can certify that I register properly.

I have a Structure variable in this BP (in " Instance Editable ") in order to have a form in my BP. And it is the values of this form that are not registered.
This structure contains variables of type Text, Texture 2D, and Enumerations.

I created children of this BP so that they have their own structure.
But when I fill in the values in these children and I restart the project, the form is empty.

There is no script in the “Construction script”, or even in the “BeginPlay” of each of these BP.

For some BP I have no problem, and for others yes. But they are brothers and sisters.

I can’t figure out where the problem comes from.

Can someone help me to understand please?