BP "Go to variable declaration" & "Go to interface call"

In IDE’s I’ve used in the past, you can right or double click on a variable to go to where that variable is declared.

It would be very convenient for navigation if we could do this in blueprint, like you can with function or event calls. Double click on the variable and it selects the variable in the variables pane (and opens the class containing the variable first, if the variable is from another class). Could be a right click option, but double click is consistent with behavior of functions/events, and it currently doesn’t do anything with variables anyway. You can do a blueprint search on the variable and get to it from there but it’s a bit roundabout and takes time.

It would also be a fantastic navigation speed improvement if, with interface calls, there was an option to go to where it is being called. By default on double click, it opens the interface itself (which is how it should probably stay), but a right-click option or an option to hold CTRL or something would be nice to go to the specific interface call e.g. if I am calling interface function X on an object of Class B, it opens the class B and highlights the implementation of that function/event there.