BP don't communicate between each other???

Ok , so what I am making is an "MASTER AI " for my game. What I want is an actor, that I can place . Also I want some “Sensors” that tell the “master” a something.

The PROBLEM is that I cannot get these 2 blueprints (both are based on actor) to talks to each other . I have already made an inventory system (where the pawn triggers events in the weapon and etc…)and I know how to cast and use interfaces .

I must be missing something because the Interface Events don’t get triggered , the get a casting events don’t trigger , the event dispatcher events don’t trigger.

so I have no idea

I don’t get errors , the engine does not crash… I’m running 4.1.0

Without watching the BPs it’s hard for anyone to understand what the problem might be, from my own experience with interfaces is that you need to be extremely sure that the target is correct, otherwise it just fails silently, this might not be the answer you want/need but until one can see you BPs it’s hard to help :stuck_out_tongue:

ok this is the AI BP (the MASTER) for simplicity I want to send there all the data and it will make a decision like locking doors …

This is the Sensor that the player will trigger.

This is the interface

I’m sure its simple but for the world I cannot figure it put :smiley: , and I get only the " SensorDetects " string

I think the problem is the interface message target? you have “self” as the target which makes little sense, it should be a variable pointing to the blueprint that you have the “event 123456” in.

Ok I changed it like this but it doesn’t work :confused:


Do you have your “TheMasterVar” set to actor? it need to be set to “Actor” then you need to drag out the blueprint that holds this variable and the blueprint
you send the interface message to. Then click the blueprint you send from in the level and to the right in the details panel you should see you “TheMasterVariable” and be able to set that variable to
your targetblueprint.

I’m sorry but do not understand what you mean

  1. your “TheMasterVar” need to set to type “Actor” in the variable details and be public(yellow/green eye)
  2. drag the blueprint you send from (the one you have OnComponentBeginOverlap) in AND the blueprint which holds the “Event123456” into your level.
  3. In the level click the blueprint that has the OnComponentBeginOverlap and to the right in the details panel you should see your “TheMasterVar” and be able to set it
    to the other blueprint that has the “Event123456”.
    I don’t know if I can be any more clear than that without replicating and posting images I’m afraid.

NO no no need i got you , weeeeeell it seems like it bugged out or smth. Casting now works fine I am able to cast from “TheMasterVar” (set as actor) to the master BP and just call an event , NO idea why it did not work in the first place

Still thanks a ton man :slight_smile:

Glad that it worked out for you in the end :slight_smile: I’ve also experienced the editor acting wierd sometimes but then I just try a restart or worst case scenario a computer restart :stuck_out_tongue: