Box Trigger (Level Streaming) not Working on first overlap.

So I’m setting up a series of level streaming volumes and my first two worked out fine, it loads in and unloads a previously unloaded level.

However I’m now trying to stream out the level in which the player starts (Set to “Initially Loaded and Visible”) and the trigger box to stream these two levels out (“Exterior” and “Cave”) don’t work on the first time passing through, but every time after that. So, passing through them initially does nothing, and then when you come back from the opposite direct (when the level needs to be streamed back in) it streams it out.

Any ideas what’s going wrong? I’ll attach an image of my current blueprints, though they’re the same for the levels that are working perfectly.

Also, as a second question, is there any way to avoid the issue of a player hitting the trigger box (to stream out a level) and then walking back the way they came without completely walking through it (so they don’t trigger it again to stream the level in when they walk back). I’m having the issue where if I touch a trigger box to stream out a level, and then just walk back to where I came from, you can return to where there is no longer a level and I can’t think of a workaround…

I’m new to level streaming and have only really watched a few guides on how to do it.

Thanks a lot.