Box Collision 2D

Hi all…
I’d like to understand how 3D collision works. I ve created a sprite with vary flipbook and a collision box. When i hit the wall nothing happens with the normal box collision, but if i add velocity to my character it seems to attacks the wall. So i enlarged the box but nothing happens the same without the set velocity… Why it happens?

can you post images of your actorBP (event graph & viewport) so we can see the collision box?
And a picture of your level could be helpful as well.

Here my viewport:

Here my collision:

I get it. I set a cast node with 2 prints. When he is in air he print the false string cause he is not touching the cast. If I m walking on the ground nothing came printed. Why? Only when jump it cast?

can you change the images they are tiny?

I think the problem is that you don’t get the actor object on your hit Event.
Have you tried to connect the other Actor to the object on your cast to node?

Sorry, here:
Why it print something only when i m in the air?

For make this collision works, i had to combine both(hit and overlap). So i should create another same cast?